Online Business Building Strategies for us common folk

Build An Online Business Not Just A Website

January 16th, 2010 · Internet Marketing

You are looking into making some supplemental income online. You think it might be nice to work from home. You have been reading that many people around the world are doing just that.

Why not you, too? You can do it and you want to build a business at home online. That is how you earn the income, not by just making a website. To get a better idea of what I am talking about invest a few minutes and watch this video. You will be glad you did.

Now do you know the difference between just making a website and building a successful home based business? click on the link at the bottom of the video player to get even more valuable information.

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Business Building and Giving Love at Christmas

December 19th, 2009 · Work At Home

Are you a work at home mom or a mom who wants to work at home? You want to contribute to your family but you also want to control your life and spend more quality time with that family.

In my quest to find quality and value for those seeking to build an online business from home, one enterprise keeps making the list. SiteSell. Why? They continue to underpromise and overdeliver. They listen to their customers. They don’t rest on their laurels, but upgrade and add to the value of your investment.

The really big point is that their customers are satisfied and proudly tell others about their find. You are a work at home mom, there are many others who have gone down this path you are considering. Go download this ebook now to read with three happy and successful work at home moms say about their journey.

This could just be that perfect and unique gift you have yet to find. The good news is it is a gift that keeps on giving. With this special you can reward yourself without feeling guilty and give some value to someone you love.

During the Site Build It! Holiday Special Extension you can buy one just for you and give the second as a life-skill gift to your children in high school or university. Show them how much you love and care, have them graduate with much more than a degree. They’ll have a real money-making business. But hurry, it’s almost over.

Special SiteSell Promotion

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The Best Make Money Online Product Of 2009

July 24th, 2009 · affiliate marketing

Now and then something special happens – a real quality product comes onto the market.

This is the case with a new online guide called:

The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online

It’s by the creators of Build A Niche Store (BANS) which you’ve probably heard of and may even own.

Built up off the back of 4 1/2 years experience making money in the way the guide describes and a further 2 1/2 years experience helping 1000’s do the same.

The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online is a 9 step guide which contains everything they know put into a framework which you can then use to make $250, $5,000, even $25,000 per month.

Everything’s right about this one – the presentation, the price, the product.

My hats off to the chaps that put it together.

Well worth checking out…

The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online

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Get Your Affiliate Marketing Commission Engine Up and Runnig

May 2nd, 2009 · affiliate marketing

The best way to build a great foundation of your home based business online is with Affiliate Marketing.

Why affiliate marketing as opposed to other business building strategies? You can get it your business up and running easily. But it can be a challenge if you don’t have a system.

Systems are the heart and soul of any successful and profitable business. Systems make your enterprise simple to manage. The trick is knowing how to create a system that runs smoothly and is flexible enough to plug in a variety of tactics.

You need to focus on one niche at a time while simultaneously keeping an eye on the  future to long term growth and expansion.  Maybe you have no idea how to make this happen. That’s is OK because there is someone who knows and had decided to share.

John Reese is a pioneer of creating and using systems to grow a successful affiliate marketing business. He has conquered several niches and that skill has made him a wealthy and respected man.

After investing a lot of time, energy and money trying to educate myself in the ways of marketing on the Internet. I finally got smart and decided no more. I took on a personal quest to find those gems of quality and value hidden within the mountains of Internet marketing educational products and services.

The products of John Reese made that list. He stands behind what he creates, 100%. He has no problem delaying offering something to the public if it don’t meet his standards. When you invest your hard earned income in his courses you can be sure you get value.

It has been a long time coming but it is finally here. John and his team have created a course to teach how to make effective systems for getting your Affiliate marketing commission engine running on all cylinders. Without the commissions you don’t really have a business.

You can use this with any niche. You will be amazed at how simple it can be. Once you learn what John is teaching you, you will have the confidence to expand beyond your dreams.

If you want to open up your success opportunity for building your very own home based business online you really should take a few minutes to watch this video and hear what John has to offer you.

Happy Affiliate Marketing.

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Internet Marketing Tool That Keeps Working

April 27th, 2009 · Internet Marketing, Uncategorized

In the course of building a home based business online it will soon become clear there are some things you need to learn and some tools you must have.

I first jumped into internet marketing and specifically affiliate marketing blind. I had no idea what I was doing and tended to believe everything I was told. Both actions ended up causing enormous stress and frustration.

I soon learned if you want to succeed in this business you need your own website. I saw those beautiful loaded websites and had to have one, they were, of course, instant money makers. Just get a domain name and plug in the affiliate ID and you are off to the races.

That website was very lonely. I discovered there were thousands of other websites exactly like mine and most experiencing the same problems. Few were making the promised income of the creators.

The next step was attempts at building my own unique website. I had some success doing this but the road was long and tedious. I invested in software, books, courses and all that took time. I had to learn HTML, CSS, PHP and much more just to keep my head about water.

Building and designing your own website for your affiliate marketing or internet marketing home based business is actually exciting. Starting with the planning, building and publishing is like raising a child. But it takes a long time if you have no background in web design or programming.

If you only want one site then you have many options and maybe best to pay someone to design that one special authority site and no headaches at all.

But if you are planning to grow your online business to a size that makes a difference in your life and lifestyle you will most likely want numerous websites. If so, your options change unless you have unlimited resources to invest in web design.

What if someone had created a software for building quality websites with the marketer in mind? What if with that system you could build unlimited websites, and they all can have a unique look and feel? What if every aspect of a successful marketing site was accounted for so you only have to focus on the business?

Can you imagine starting a brick and mortar business in your hometown? Before you even start planning your inventory, budget, staff, operating hours and advertising you first need a store. So you sit down draw up blueprints, then you go out and build, then you do the finish work, only then can you focus on the actual money tasks to create a profitable business. I think you would be better served to have the structure built by professionals or rent/lease/buy and existing building.

Much the same with your home based online business. Your website is the domain. If you are a serious entrepreneur, business person or marketer why would you want to spend your valuable time educating yourself and going through the pains of designing and building a website on your own.

Why not take advantage of a system used and praised by many marketers and home based business owners? If you want your enterprise to succeed you must focus on the actions that bring in customers and create cash flow.

Be a smart marketer and invest some time to research a valuable marketing tool that can save you a lot of time, energy and profit. This would be worth your while whether you focus on Internet marketing, affiliate marketing or any sort of home based business online. You can do this in a short few minutes by checking out XSitePro web design software

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Build Business Online Hundred Before Million

November 9th, 2008 · Internet Marketing

One of the biggest mistakes newbies make when building a legitimate online business is getting caught up in one or more of many, “Get Rich Quick” schemes. Many involve the latest greatest Internet Marketing system and the only ones getting rich are the producers.

The real secret to building yourself a profitable and successful business is just that, Build A Legitimate online business. That means making a plan, following the plan, make course corrections as required and grow your enterprise.

It has been said, “A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step”. So with making a business your journey to millions must begin with a single dollar or your currency of choice.  It is a hit and miss, trial and error process. Much is learned by making mistakes. If you are taking small steps the results of any failures is minimized.

You must set achievable and believable targets. If you haven’t ever earned a million, a hundred thousand or even ten thousand, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed. It sounds good when you say it, “I plan to earn one million dollars next year”, but can you see it?

If you set your goal too high and progress towards it is slow oft times it is too easy to give up and quit. Might even rationalize quitting with phrases such as, “it’s impossible”, “its all a scam”, but is it? Or did you just set your sights too high with no reference to success?

Imagine you are shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean and find yourself afloat on a small lifeboat. Nothing in sight but more ocean. How would you feel? Now imagine you are shipwrecked withing sight of an island and end of on some flotsam. How would you feel? Which situation would give you the most hope? Which situation would let you believe you will survive? Yes, the one in which you see an island. Why? Because you can see a way out.

If you have never earned high income and your initial goal is way above anything you’ve earned in your lifetime, much less a year would you see how that would set you up for failure? But can you imagine earning $100 in a day? That is believable. You can do that. The amazing and proven thing is that when you earn that much the belief opens the floodgates of possibilities. Success breeds success.

A fine group of veterans, who have built successful legitimate online businesses got together and shared their strategies for making at least $100 per day. All make that much with a zero or two more, so they have been there, done it, and proudly wear the T-shirt. These strategies will fit any niche in which you decide to build your personal empire.

There are 20 bricks (ways) that are shared by 18 individuals who want you to succeed. Would one hundred dollars a day have a positive impact on your life? I know it did mine. When one way is mastered just move on to the next and think about compound. If you can make that with one strategy then adding a second would double your daily earnings. Sound good?

Not every strategy will fit in everybody’s plan but surely out of 20 you can find a few. Others can be adapted so they are compatible with your business.

There are no get rich quick claims, only a valid experience that has worked and is working to bring in income. Do you want to chase a dream or build a long lasting legitimate online business?

You want a solid foundation for your enterprise and 20 strong bricks are being offered to get  you started. One of the smart decisions you can make is to head down the path to your business success by discovering 20 Ways to make one hundred today. Remember one hundred comes before one million.

Simple solutions to success and freedom.

Click Here To Discover The Internet Marketing Inner Circle

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Online Business Prison or Vision?

November 6th, 2008 · Internet Marketing

Why did you chose to build an online business? Was it freedom? Do you work for a boss who over demands and under pays? Maybe you have some financial demands that need attention.  Whatever the reason what is your mindset?

We were taught growing up to go out, get an education, get a secure job. Most of us tried to abide by those rules. It is a good rule to live by, right? You have security, comfort, and stability which offers peace of mind, right?

For insurance you investigated making money online. Test the waters and not have to commute or explain why you want or need a second job.

Maybe you have a dream of freedom and independence. You have heard and read many success stories of ordinary folk who created an online business that provided wealth.  There are many success stories. 

That 9-5 job was like a prison. It controlled your time and the meager salary you get controls your lifestyle. So a solution is to start a business.  What is your plan? Many who start a business find they have traded one prison for another. In the beginning, they sit at their PC for hours after work to earn enough to quit. 

When they finally do quit, they find themself at a keyboard from the time they wake up til the time they go to bed. They just traded one prison for another.

So what is the solution? That is a good question. It is about the mindset. What is your vision? What is your dream? Is it really to own a business. I thought that was my dream and one day I woke up and realized it wasn’t. 

What I really wanted was a lifestyle. I wanted to be able to control what I do with my time and when. I wanted to be able to travel and spend quality time with loved ones. I wasn’t doing that. I sat down and took a look at what my dreams are and went looking for a way to make it happen.

So I discovered the focus should switch from business to lifestlye. Then I ask, “How can I use my business to finance the lifestyle I want?”. When I did that things changed. It is all about the mindset

Do you know anybody who is living their dream life? If not, I can understand why. The people who have been enlightened to this philosophy are in the minority. Mainly due to our early programming. 

So where in the world, this wide wide world can you find a role model if you want to change your focus to lifestyle. I found one in my beginning days building my online business. I had on blinders though and didn’t realize it. I saw him only as someone who could share knowledge with me regarding skills needed to make money online

I started noticing news about him with Richard Branson, Frank Mckinney and on  magazine covers. He was never working, he was usually playing and enjoying life. How can he do this? First off he decided. Life is too short to waste it sacrificing and slaving. I have a wife and children I want to spend time with, I have a list of adventures I want to experience before I die. 

He took a chance and he is a happy man. What he did to make this happen is to put his business in a system. Once the system is working and in place it just needs some maintenance and updating. His business works for him and supports his business. 

He is sharing his story and inviting you to join him.  You can see some of his story now, just go here to watch his video now. He is also hosting a webinar that you registered for when you enjoyed the video.

Who should not watch the video and webinar?:

  • People who are satisfied with their jobs now
  • People who fear criticism
  • People who don’t have a vision or dream
  • People who feel life is all about sacrifice
  • People who don’t like change
  • People who enjoy just watching TV

Who should go watch the video?:

  • People who have a dream
  • People who want quality time with their loved ones
  • People who are curious
  • People who love challenges
  • People who love adventure
  • People who want more out of life
  • People who want to make a difference
  • People who want to contribute more

Which list to you belong to? If you are in the second list or want to be head on over and check out this video. After you watch the video and find you are still interested in a change of lifestyle,  if it isn’t passed the time join in the webinar. It can only get better.

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Are You Commited to Excellence?

November 2nd, 2008 · General

Kaizen is a Japanese word for constant and never ending improvement. Everyday when you wake up your first thoughts should be, “How can I make today better than yesterday?”. It also applies to relationships, business, health, fitness, well being and just about every aspect of life. 

Mark Joyner over at Simpleology is preparing to open a Kaizen community. He is keeping the details secret but is allowing people to get involved. 

Over at the Simpleology blog he has been asking questions and giving anybody who replies an opportunity for some great prizes. You love winning things don’t you? 

There is a good attitude and philosophy and we all need support and motivation in todays  world.  You will find it refreshing. 

The current round of two questions is something like, “What is your biggest challenge?” and “What promise are you willing to make to overcome it?”.  All you have to do to be eligible for the give away is provide 2 answers in 100 words or less. You can do that, right? 

Take a few minutes now to head on over, read a couple of short blog posts. What you learn can easily be applied to building your legitimate online business. So whether you are involved in e-commerce, another e-business, or just want to improve your quality of life, head on over, read the questions and Post your answers for a chance to win

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Survivor Build Online Business Part Sawng

October 4th, 2008 · Internet Marketing

Watch Survivor and learn lessons to survive and thrive while building online business.

As the episode begins you see the losing team returning to camp after tribal council. You notice the dissention. Ah, but they have a leader now. Or do they?

The unsociable tribe member is gone, yet the tribe is still not content. Can they be productive like this? The elected leader makes suggestions for the group to accomplish to make their home better. There is resistance but also some cooperation. Ingenuity is used to catch some fish. First victory for the team.

The system seems to be working. Still grumblings begin against the chief, so he quits. Can the team succeed leaderless? Yes, if everyone is proactive, sees what needs to be done and just does it. 

The well oiled machine doesn’t have an obvious leader. The tribe volunteers to complete tasks. All the components are doing their part achieving the goal of survival.

A message arrives, “rolling stones gather no moss”. Off to the next challenge. Will results remain the same or will there be a surprise? 

As you are moving through the gates of the strategy you have chosen for you online business buiding, you will find keys to help with your goal. With all components of your system (tribe members) pushing in the right direction you can’t help but be victorious. 

As you reach the completion of your action, use the keys you got along the way to unlock secrets to your online business building success. You work together, you win. Again the system that all members didn’t contribute came in second. 

Exile Island is a blessing and a curse. It can be lonely and uncomfortable but rewarding. As the exiled tribe  member chose, always pick clue over comfort. Especially when you are still building your online business. Maybe you won’t find the idol but if you go for comfort you have no opportunity to improve your position.

Absence seems to make others question your loyalty and value. Make sure you keep visible and accessible to people you want to build relationships with and do business with.  It is true, out of sight, out of mind. People have a tendency to judge you according to what they would have done. 

In the end when the tribe spoke, it was the weak one who didn’t contribute that was sent away. So ends the second installment of Survivor: Build Online Business

Do you want to know what you are playing for? A no cost quality autoresponder test drive. You can see how this can exponentially help you build your online business. 

Lessons learned:

  • Always contribute and give value
  • Chose clues over comfort
  • Work together as a system
  • Ensure your business system components are working together
  • Choose your leader carefully

If you feel you deserve immunity/reward go here to get it (free test drive). If not, head on back to camp.

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Online Business Needs Copywriting Skills

October 4th, 2008 · Internet Marketing

Copywriting is one of the most valuable skills you can invest your time, energy and money in to successfullt build your online business.


Good question. You see copywriting is about giving your customers the right information and enough information to make a quality decision to invest in your product or service. Everything you do while building your online business requires content. 

Pictures, graphics, colors are pretty but they don’t get the job done. It takes words, the right words, in the right place, at the right time. 

Most everything you need to build your online business can be bought, individually or in a system. You can get blog and website templates. It’s easy to find autoresponder templates, you can build a Squidoo lens, Hubpage, Blogger blog all at no money investment on your part. But do you know what all those neeed? That’s right, content. Content in the form of copywriting. 

You can also outsource many tasks you need done, but quality copywriters don’t come cheap. I have study several and also learned from marketers who have acquired the skill. All have said, if you can write good content you can always earn money. Sound good? 

You might think that copywriters need a university degree. That is a myth. Many of the best copywriters barely finished high school and a few earned degrees. You would be surprised if you heard their stories. You would be inspired to take action and realize you too can do this wonderful thing called copywriting.

How would you like to listen and watch two copywriting legends share their stories, experience, skills and talent? Words that when written fetch a very high price. You can for a limited time do just that, and get a couple of nice valuable bribes to boot. This is all possible thanks to an Internet Marketing legend in his own right, Mark Joyner

As you want to be the best you can be. Take a few moments now to take a few strides towards that goal. All you need to do is listen to a story and get your bribes here.

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